• Coach Bradley S. Hill, Jr. - Owner, CSTC

    "I remember praying for the things I have today."

    I am elated to have such a dedicated, thoughtful and skilled coaching staff to help me realize a dream that I've had since 2002. I have been blessed to train many of the men on my staff and watch them evolve into great men, husbands, fathers and leaders in their communities.


    We are God fearing men who believe in mentorship, hard work and the GRIND.


    Our mission includes equipping athletes with the proper skills to compete on any field, court, classroom or boardroom.


    We do not measure success based on winning. We measure success by the ups and downs, the highs and lows and how we start over when life gives us reasons to give up. We want to help develop and make positive impacts in their lives.


    When athletes have early, positive experiences with coaches, they continue to seek out and learn from mentors who can help them with school, jobs and other interests.

    pictured with Marcus Smith of the Washington Red Skins