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    Accepting clients as young as 5 years of age! We are the only 12, 000 sq. ft. facility in the Tri-City area specializing in skills, agility and strength training for all sports.


    - Universal Sports Court

    - Indoor Turf

    - Batting Cages

    - Modern Weight Room

    - Aerobics, Fit Camps and more!

    We are sure our facility will fulfill your sports advancement needs!

  • Coaching Staff

    We've got a top notch team at Columbus Sports and Training Complex

    Coach Brad - Email: bhill@cstcomplex.com

    Owner Operator

    Our mission includes equipping athletes with the proper skills to compete on any field, court, classroom or boardroom.


    We do not measure success based on winning. We measure success by the ups and downs, the highs and lows and how we start over when life gives us reasons to give up. We want to help develop and make positive impacts in their lives.


    When athletes have early, positive experiences with coaches, they continue to seek out and learn from mentors who can help them with school, jobs and other interests.

    Coach Pat - Email: pat59@au.edu

    Strength and Conditioning

    With over 10 years of experience as a trainer and over 5 years coaching football I can guarantee your student athlete's growth on and off the field. My passion

    and love for athletics grew at a young age coming from a football family, where I was taught the meaning of Faith, Family, and Football. Playing on the fields of The "University" of Edgewood Red Devils in Columbus, Georgia where my father Coach Willie Butler helped develop, mentor and coach many young men I found my passion and love for athletics. I've taken those skills to CSTC to make a difference in the lives of each athlete who comes through our doors. I also fill the position as Head Strength and Agility coach at Chattahoochee County High School.


    Coach Averett - Email: baverett25@gmail.com

    Sports Specific Coach

    As a football coach with over 10 years of experience, I can guarantee that at T3B, your student-athlete will receive quality over quantity in all areas of athleticism. “We Don’t Workout, We Train”. We assess the skills of each student-athlete and meet their needs starting from right where they are. We build them from the inside out because we believe that student comes before athlete so we focus on morals, sportsman-like conduct, and character in addition to their athleticism.

    Coach James - Email: tricityelite@gmail.com

    Tri City Elite, AAU

    Coach James is an Auburn University Alumni and Founder/Director and Coach of Tri-City Elite Basketball. James has been heavily involved in mentoring youth for 14 years and coaching basketball for 7 years. Tri-City Elite was founded in 2017 to merge his two passions together and provide a platform for aspiring collegiate basketball players to gain exposure, develop and grow on and off the court.

    Coach Jimmy Foster - Email: jimmyleefosterjr22@gmail.com

    Elite Sunz, AAU and CSTC Basketball Grind Sessions

    Jimmy is a prior military veteran who served 20 yrs in the United States Armed Forces who holds a AS, BS and MS in Criminal Justice. He is certified in the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), provided by the Military.


    Jimmy currently trains the ELITE SUNZ, AAU 10th and 11th Grade boys who hold a 23-4 Record with 6 AAU tournament Championships to date!

    Coach Bill Reese - Email: Trainupbreese@yahoo.com

    CSTC Youth Development League & CSTC Basketball Grind Sessions