• Coach Brandon Averett

    Coach Averett is available for training:

    Tuesday - 6 pm - 7 pm (elementary) 7 pm - 8 pm (middle/high school)

    Thursday - 6 pm - 7 pm (elementary) 7 pm - 8 pm (middle/high school)

    Saturday - 9 am - 10 am (middle/high school)

  • Coach Brandon Averett

    Who is Coach Brandon Averett?

    As a football coach with over 10 years of experience, I can guarantee that at T3B, your student-athlete will receive quality over quantity in all areas of athleticism. “We Don’t Workout, We Train”. We assess the skills of each student-athlete and meet their needs starting from right where they are. We build them from the inside out because we believe that student comes before athlete so we focus on morals, sportsman-like conduct, and character in addition to their athleticism.


    As an alumnus athlete of the Central High School of Phenix City, I will instill my knowledge into your student-athlete with my experience as a 4-year high school Football and Track & Field letterman athlete and as a 4-year football collegiate athlete. As a player I received many accolades and was even assigned to the NFL draft board my senior year. I had the opportunity to workout for the New England Patriots and the New York Giants and though it did not go as planned, I learned all I needed to learn to get others to the next level.


    Upon moving back to my hometown of Phenix City, I started my coaching career as the Assistant Defensive Back Coach while playing arena football for the Columbus Lions. In 2011, I served as the Defensive Coordinator at Jefferson Davis High School for 2 years and finally, in 2014, I was offered the Defensive Back and Speed & Agility Coach at Central High School.


    I wanted to impart my own experiences and beliefs into young athletes so I birthed T3B, a football training camp for student-athletes at all levels that exudes excellence on and off the field. We have developed 7 vs 7 teams, mentored youth in the community, hosted summer & spring football camps, and trained athletes at various levels. At T3B, student-athletes are taught by trained football professionals with experience at various levels of the game. We have assisted in developing many athletes to further their careers to the professional and collegiate. Also, we have assisted in developing athletes to win awards at the Nike Opening, VTO, Rivals, & MVP camps.


    I truly believe that my passion for training, my experience as a student-athlete, and as a professional athlete will enhance the skill set of any student-athlete that enrolls in my training academy. “We Don’t Workout, We Train!”

  • We Don't Work Out We Train 

  • The Fruits of our Labor....

    "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

    J.D. Mckissic

    Seattle Seahawks

    Demetruis Pettway

    Kennesaw State

    John Broussard, Jr.


    M.J. Woods

    East Tennessee State

    Jahlil Ryles

    Middle Tennessee State

  • "God has planted a seed inside of you but...can you manage it?"

    "We don't workout We train."

    "Be strong. You never know who you are inspiring."